Rudai23 – Thing 23 – Making it all work together

So, here I am, finally at the end of my Rudai23 journey. Our final task is to pull together our social media learning through the use of a social media management tool so I thought I would road test Buffer.

I like the idea of being able to schedule tweets and of being able to frontload items of intetest so that they can keep things ticking over even when I amnot there. I can see how useful that would be when I am on holidays and want to keep posts going on a work social media account.

As I am working on an app, I schedule a quick Tweet to go later this evening. Buffer asks me to link in my Twitter account, I pick an image from my photo album and set the date and time for it to post. It all seems so simple. If it succeeds I will be very pleased. Fingers crossed!

I like that I can go in and check on scheduled contributions and see what I have diaried forward. I can see how that would be very timely if you had scheduled a number of posts and wanted to update one or just remind myself about what was due to go out.

5.45pm. It worked! Am really pleased to see that my scheduled Tweet has posted confirming that Buffer does work as promised. And unlike some of my other Rudai23 tools there were no teething problems. It worked exactly as expected.

I am sorry to have come to the end of Rudai23 as I had so much fun both participating in and developing it but I also have to admit that I am looking forward to having my free time back!

Till next time all, happy learning!

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